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Why Choose Empire Fire Safety LLC

1We are a UL Certified Fire Alarm Contractor and Service Company. As of June 1st of 2006, in order to comply with the legislative change to F.S.S. 489.516(5) all permit applications for New Fire Alarm Systems must be made by a UL, FM or ETL Certified Company.

2Monitoring, Maintenance and Inspections are also required to be performed on all New Fire Alarm Systems by a UL Certified Company. We can provide you a Full Inclusive Contract Agreement in compliance with your Local Fire Dept. and AHJ requirements.

3We are NICET Certified Level IV; as of July 1st of 2008 the Florida Statute 633.521 requires NICET Certification at the minimum Level II in order to legally perform the required Annual Fire Alarm Inspections. NICET is a national highly regarded certification.

4Empire Fire Safety LLC is an affiliated company of Empire Electric, the latter is in business since 1988; with an impeccable record of reliability, performance and integrity; we hold a License type EC with which we may perform electrical work also.

5With a Truck Fleet of 22 service vehicles, Empire Fire Safety warranties you that every fire alarm emergency situation will be handled in expeditious and prompt manner by our expert technicians.


All our technicians are FASA Certified as required by F.S.S. Section 489.5185, which also means we perform Criminal Background Check our opur technicians as well as Drug Free Environment.

7We carry very High Limits of Insurance Coverage, at no additional cost to you, it’s another factor of peace of mind for you and the property you represent. This also must be considered at the moment of selecting your contractor.

8With a competitive service rate of $75.00 per hour, with top notch technicians and with basic cost per Non-UL Service Contract starting from only $30.00 per month; you cannot go wrong when selecting Empire Fire Safety LLC for your fire alarm needs.


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Sinorix - Fire Suppresion


For more information about our Services please contact us at             (305) 264-9982 or



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